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Tin Mining

Tin Mining Search

A Mining Search is a concise report that assesses the likelihood of a property being affected by mining subsidence.

Where a property is in the south-west, including Cornwall and Devon, a tin mining search would be the recommended option from the Law Society and the Council of Mortgage Lenders for the conveyancing solicitors.

A Tin Mining report will reveal if a property sits in an area of historic, current or proposed mining activity, reveal the location and distance to the nearest recorded and suspected mine workings and indicate the presence of any significant geological features.

Each desktop report is created by experts with local knowledge who can interpret complex information clearly and accurately to the benefit of clients.

Key Features Why this matters
Flood analysis considers the height of the land to determine specific risks more accurately. Identifies less obvious areas where flood risk may be present.
Uses reliable data from JBA Consulting, Environment Agency and Geosmart. Clients know the information used is from trusted sources.
Online viewer provides interactive maps and clear interpretation of the data. Allows greater examination of the local area.
Comes with recommendations from in-house environmental experts. Offers clear and positive guidance on the way forward for clients.
All reports are backed by £10 million professional indemnity insurance. All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.
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