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DevCity Report

DevCity Report

DevCity is the ultimate report for city property buyers, a bespoke report that investigates a property and its immediate vicinity in detail to prevent any costly mistakes during the purchase transaction.

The DevCity assessment is delivered in two stages: the first is a detailed analysis of the area surrounding the property that reveals any unbuilt planning consents and identifies land that could support future development.

The second stage, before contracts are exchanged, will include Freedom of Information requests on pending planning applications or pre-consultations from the local council that may prompt the buyer to reassess the area.

Key Features

Why this matters

Reveals relevant planning history; identifies historic planning applications; identifies any application that may impact the property.

Arms clients with fullest information on the property and any planning applications.

Identifies sites for potential future development where no relevant planning history exists, including OS mapping and aerial photography.

Provides clearest indication of area’s potential for development.

Analyses the potential for extension of neighbouring properties.

Makes client aware of potential planning projects nearby.

Identifies Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) sites under consideration for future allocation.

Provides an indication of future housing developments.

Makes Freedom of Information requests to local planning authority for all planning applications or pre-consultations in the area.

Provides most up-to-date data that could influence client’s decision to proceed.

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