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Terrafirma Ground Report

Terrafirma Ground Report

The Terrafirma Ground Report translates the risk from mining activity, subsidence, sinkholes, radon, fracking, mineral planning activity
and much more, allowing the purchaser to better understand the ground. Including Terrafirma’s official CON29M, as licensed by the Law Society, the Terrafirma Ground Report utilises never-seen-before data and technology-driven solutions to model and intelligently analyse the potential impact of man-made and natural ground perils on property purchase, mortgage lending and development activity.

One of its unique features is that all report outcomes are colour-coded in a traffic light style system to ensure the correct party within the transaction can easily and efficiently action the relevant recommendations. Dynamic next steps and an industry-leading professional opinion ensure the purchaser is fully informed and report terms and conditions containing £10 million professional indemnity per report ensures any risks are comprehensively transferred from the solicitor to the experts at Terrafirma.

In a ‘world first’, the Terrafirma Ground Report also includes an expert analysis of ground movement which identifies ‘real-world’ evidence of past or current subsidence using investigated subsidence claims, satellite-derived surface deformation and Terrafirma’s exclusive SinkholeALERT databases.

Key Features

Why this matters

Clear and expert explanation of impact on normal lending process and property value.

Allows for better understanding of what coal mining risks face a property and what to do next.

Terrafirma professional opinion included for all ground risks, providing reliable answers to any potential impact on completion, value, use or

Providing complete piece of mind to you and your client that all information provided is correct. 

Better data analysis using Coal Authority licensed data.

Guarantees most up-to-date data is being assessed and analysed.

Includes an integrated official CON29M, satisfying the Law Society CON29M (2018).guidance and includes loss of value insurance (Up to £100,000).

Saves client time and money.

Inclusion of industry-leading terms and conditions providing
£10 million professional indemnity per report.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.

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