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Groundsure Energy and Transportation

Groundsure Energy and Transportation

The Groundsure Energy and Transportation Commercial Search is a new risk report utilising data that is only available to Groundsure. Groundsure is continuing to transform the search market through a new suite of environmental searches that includes Energy and Transportation searches.

Protect clients in commercial conveyancing transactions on areas up to 150ha by commissioning this comprehensive search of existing or planned energy and transport infrastructure, delivered with intelligent filters and detailing key next steps.

Key Features

Why this matters

Identifies major transport projects including HS2, Crossrail 1 and 2, as well as their safeguarding areas, compensation schemes and other relevant environmental data.

Assures client that most relevant and up-to-date data has been analysed.

Identifies active and historic railways and tunnels, including underground systems (London, DLR, Tyne and Wear Metro, Merseyrail and Glasgow Subway).

Gives client essential data on rail routes.

Reveals all existing and property energy regeneration or extraction sites, including solar, wind, oil and gas and fracking; power stations, including nuclear; all energy projects registered with the Planning Inspectorate.

Provides relevant information on all energy projects close to the client’s intended purchase.

£10 million professional indemnity insurance on any one claim.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.




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