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Company Searches

Company Search

The best way to gain a better and more thorough understanding of who you are working with through a Company Search.

Searches UK offer 25 specific Company Searches that will provide valuable information and insight into the people and companies with whom you are doing business.

Commissioning such a search will help you make informed business decisions about potential partners, suppliers or clients.

The searches can reveal financial instability, show how long a company has been trading and give you insight into the associated business histories with related companies.

Ask Searches UK for more detail on how a Company Search can give you a business advantage and greater security when working with new firms.


Available Company Searches

  1. Director Reports
  2. Shareholder Reports
  3. Director and Shareholder Reports
  4. Company Credit Reports
  5. Individual Director Reports
  6. International Reports
  7. Business Reports
  8. Non-Limited Company Reports
  9. Company Accounts
  10. Annual Returns
  11. Director Search
  12. Limited Company Search
  13. Liquidation & Receivership Search
  14. Liquidation Search
  15. Companies Search
  16. Full Document Search
  17. Mortgage Register Search
  18. Conveyancing Search
  19. Company Mortgage Search
  20. Company Search Plus
  21. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  22. Current Appointments Report
  23. Status Report
  24. The Company Record Report
  25. Pending Insolvency
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