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Landmark SiteSolutions Combined

Landmark SiteSolutions Combined

One of the key and unique benefits to the SITESOLUTIONS Combined report is that it is suitable for any transaction. Unlike other environmental reports that are tailored to Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, the Argyll liability assessment is flexible and includes the Planning Regime which makes it suitable for transactions involving a change of use or redevelopment. Regardless of the transaction you are working on, the report and overall assessment we be tailored to it; only providing relevant advice and nothing generic or automated.

Specifically, in relation to flood risk, this year has shown with flooding occurring across much of the country since November and the wettest February on record, flood risk is too important an issue, too damaging a risk to not assess properly.

To provide lawyers with complete reliability, the Argyll flood assessments are the only reports available to commercial lawyers that are 100% consultant assessed and the only combined environmental report to do so. 

Finally, we know that lawyers are not experts in environmental risks and as a profession, you shouldn’t be expected to be. However, this can make environmental risks or issues a difficult topic to discuss with clients. Therefore, one of our key services is that every report we provide will give you direct access to an Argyll Consultant. The report writers name and contact number will always be on page 2, providing you the user with an expert to contact whenever you need support.

Key Features

Why this matters

Provides an overview of contaminated land, including where historic activities could result in liability under the contaminated land regime.

Provides buyer with comprehensive examination of all contaminated land risks.

Assesses any environmental permits held by the property or neighbouring properties.

Gives buyer full knowledge of environmental permit regime.

Assesses the potential for liability under the Environmental Damage Regulations.

Information allows buyer to make informed decision on transaction.

Provides an overall risk of flooding with or without flood defences, including details of available flood protection and mitigation measures.

Provides buyer with comprehensive examination of all potential flood risks.

Indicates where a full Flood Risk Assessment is required for development under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Offers clear guidance on the best way forward for a client.

All reports are backed by £10 million professional indemnity insurance.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.


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