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Sitecheck Assess

Landmark Sitecheck Assess

The Sitecheck Assess report is a commercial report, site-specific on contamination risks within a 500m radius of a property.

The Assess report will include detailed maps of the location and neighbourhood, consult current and historical land use data and include a risk assessment from chartered environmental surveyors. This report only covers areas of land up to two hectares with additional fees required on larger areas.

The report highlights any potential risk of contaminated land, includes a flood screen and identifies any energy and infrastructure projects such as HS2 and fracking.

Key Features

Why this matters

Assessment of the potential for contaminated land liabilities.

Identifies if the property is at risk of being assessed as contaminated under the Environmental Protection Act.

Full range of key environment datasets, including comprehensive landfill data.

Thorough analysis of data provides client with complete information.

Flood risk screening.

Highlights where further investigation of flood risk is required.

Energy and infrastructure projects screening.

Highlights where further investigation of energy and infrastructure projects is required.

All reports are backed by £10 million professional indemnity insurance.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.

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