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Consumer Bank Account Checker

Consumer Bank Account Checker

Lawyer Checker’s Consumer Bank Account Checker uses reliable data to provide a result on whether:

1. The bank account details you entered match a valid UK bank account.

2. The account you are searching has matched to the type of ownership.

3. The name and Date of Birth (DOB) entered match the personal details that are linked to the
    account searched.

4. The address entered matches the address details that are linked to the account searched.

The information we provide in your result may suggest that the bank account presents a potential risk.
We suggest that you need to satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with sending money to/receiving
money from the account in question.

Key Features

Why this matters

Enhanced Due Diligence.

An added layer of protection when remitting sales proceeds to your client to avoid liability and adhere to the SRA Code of Conduct Principle 10.

Help validate source of funds.

Help combat mortgage fraud and incentive practices with an added check in validating clients’ source of funds.

Do I know who I am sending funds to?

69% of UK firms have been hit by cybercrime; it’s no longer a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Consumer Bank Account Checker is an additional step to a robust risk management procedure.

Complete piece of mind.

Piece of mind knowing your money is safe and has got to where it needed to go. 

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