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Commercial Drainage and Water

Commercial Drainage and Water Search

Searches UK offers comprehensive drainage and water searches for commercial properties, specifically premises classified as non-household.

These searches will ensure that a property is safe from flooding, leaks or damp caused by public waterways and drains.

The official search is carried out by water company officials.

Key Features

Why this matters

Confirms whether a property is connected to a public water supply and if the property is currently charged for water and waste water services (metered or not).

Ensures client is fully informed on water supply and charges.

Confirms whether the property is connected to a public sewer; affected by or is close to water mains or public sewers; distance and location of nearest waste water treatment works.

Ensures client has the fullest information on the property’s status with regards to sewerage and water mains.

Whether the current occupier has consent to discharge trade effluent.

Provides official information on trade effluent.

Confirmation of easements affecting the site.

Provides information on potential access issues.

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