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DevAssist is a nationwide company that audits locations for development risks and opportunities, delivering unique and valuable insights into development risks and opportunities. DevAssist is the only company the interprets planning data. Plansearch plus or Groundsure planning included in the price. 

The clear, readable reports from DevAssist deliver clarity and enable informed decision-making, if any evidence is found that suggests significant change DevAssist will attached images such as plans in the appendix. 

DevAssess is a smart search for residential and commercial property up to 0.25ha that combines existing planning information with a comprehensive investigation that exposes unexploited development sites.

The report will establish the development risk within 75m of a property by interpreting planning applications while identifying its new-build development potential. DevAssist is the only supplier that studies Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) for risks. 

Key Features

Why this matters

Identifies relevant historic planning applications within the search radius.

Arms clients with fullest information on the property and any planning applications.

Explains Local Plan Policy.

Offers clarity on local authority’s current and future planning.

Identifies future development sites and land allocated for development where no relevant planning history exists.

Makes client aware of potential planning projects nearby.

Identifies property’s development potential using OS mapping.

Provides an indication of potential future development of the property.

Delivered within five working days.



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