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Thirdfort ID Verification Checks

As the methods used by criminals become more sophisticated, so does the technology to fight them. Thirdfort Standard is our comprehensive ID verification solution, using the most sophisticated Near-Field Communication (NFC) powered anti-fraud technology available today. Designed around HM Land Registry’s Digital ID Standard, protect your firm from any potential recourse in cases of fraud with Thirdfort Standard.

Five simple steps to secure ID verificationSearches 

  1. Your client scans MRZ zone on their ID document

The client opens the Thirdfort app on their phone and scans a machine readable code at the bottom of their ePassport. This allows the app to access the data held on the NFC chip.

2. Your client places their phone on the ePassport

The user holds their identity document against their smartphone, allowing the data held on the NFC chip to be read and analysed.

3. We verify that the NFC chip is valid

We verify the digital signature and signing key from the chip instantly with the issuing government body. This is an essential step in achieving HM Land Registry’s Digital ID Standard.

4. Your client uses their phone’s camera to complete checks

Cutting-edge video tech uses the reflection of light from skin to confirm liveness and combat deep fake attacks. Advanced biometric analysis compares the client’s face to the photo extracted from the ID.

5. We generate your ID verification report

An easy-to-read PDF report covering every check the client has passed or failed is available to download via your portal in seconds.

The right person, a real person, right now

The right person

Does this user’s image match their ID documents?

A real person

Is this person a human being and not a photo, a mask, or other presentation attack?

Verifying right now

Is this person authenticating themselves at the time of the check and not a video, deepfake, or other replay attack?

Reach HM Land Registry’s ‘safe harbour’

Conforming with HM Land Registry’s Digital ID guidelines holds significant value for legal firms as it guarantees ‘safe harbour’ from legal recourse if there is identity fraud in a property transaction. 

A key requirement of the Digital ID Standard is NFC powered identity verification. Thirdfort Standard now allows our customers to access this advanced technology. There are other providers which can read NFC chip data, however, our product takes things much further with the ability to verify the chip’s digital signature and signing key with the issuing government body in real time, as required by HM Land Registry. Accurate, up-to-date information, all in one place.

Bring government-grade ID verification to your firm

Interested in how Thirdfort Standard can protect your firm from even the most sophisticated criminal attacks? Want to learn how to gain ‘safe harbour’ from recourse by HM Land Registry?

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