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Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker

Conveyancing fraud is one of the biggest risks in the property industry. And it’s not simply scammers who hack into genuine solicitor email accounts to hijack the transfer of funds that present a threat to buyers and sellers.

A growing number of frauds involve scammers using a genuine solicitor’s email and account to steal the proceeds of a property sale.

Lawyer Checker allows conveyancers to confirm that the solicitor acting for the other side is safe to deal with.

Using Lawyer Checker will allow you to protect your client’s money and assets by gathering essential information on the conveyancer to whom you are sending money. The information you receive will allow you to assess any risk associated with the transaction.

The Lawyer Checker offered by Searches UK is designed to assist both vendors and purchasers.

When the details of the firm and its bank account are submitted, Lawyer Checker identifies if that account is in use, returning an immediate response of frequent, infrequent or unknown.

Where the latter two responses are flagged, Lawyer Checker will carry out further investigations to provide more information on the account and help you decide whether it is appropriate or safe to transfer money.

Key Features

Why this matters

Quickest way to check a vendor solicitor details.

Prevents any delays in the transaction.

Helps to identify and mitigate the risks the SRA demands solicitors manage.

Ensures solicitors are fulfilling their regulatory duty.

Where required, Lawyer Checker will carry out further checks to establish veracity of account details.

Gives solicitors assurance the most thorough investigation possible has been done on a solicitor account.

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