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Trustee Notices

Trustee Notices

Personal Representatives are legally responsible for discharging any debts against the estate, however it’s not always apparent to whom the deceased may be liable. Trustee Notices assist by advertising for potential creditors or other interested parties, and offer protection against potential claims after the expiry of the claims period.

Our online portal makes it easy to place both Gazette Notices and Local Newspaper notices, and offers you choice over the local paper you’d like to advertise with.

Notably, under Section 27 clause 2(b) placing a notice for creditors does not free the trustees or personal representatives from any obligation to make advisable searches. You might wish to consider our Credits & Liability Search to electronically search digital credit records for potential creditors. See our Asset & Liability page for more details.

As an alternative to Section 27 Notices we can also offer “No Section 27” insurance, see our Insurance page for more details.

Prices £80 + VAT

Section 27 Gazette Notice

Section 27 Local Advertisement         £POA

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