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Floodsolutions Commercial Search

Floodsolutions Commercial Search

Argyll’s FLOODSOLUTIONS Commercial is the only flood report available to commercial lawyers that is a 100% consultant assessed, flood risk assessment. To provide lawyers with complete reliability, every single report is assessed and reviewed by an environmental consultant.

From the overall risk assessment, to risk commentary, to recommendation, a Consultant has determined what is appropriate based upon the review of an extremely comprehensive suite of data and their supporting attributes.

As this year has shown with record amounts of flooding occurring across the country since November and the wettest February on record, flood risk is too important an issue, too damaging a risk to not assess properly as part of due diligence.

We know that lawyers are not experts in flood risk, and it can be a difficult topic to discuss with clients. Our approach provides greater report accuracy and enables us to support you and your Clients better. The Law Society Flood Practice note further goes onto say:

“When reporting the results of any flood search to your client, you should tell them that you are not qualified to advise on technical matters regarding the results and that they should raise any questions they have with either their surveyor or the consultant who prepared the report.”

Every flood report we provide will give you direct access to a Consultant. The report writers name and contact number will always be on page 2, providing you the user with a flood risk expert to contact whenever you need support.

Key Features

Why this matters

Reveals the overall risk of flooding with or without defences.

Gives client full information on potential flood risks.

Identifies if a full flood risk assessment is required for development under the National Planning Policy Framework.

Allows client to make informed decision on future development.

Indicates whether flood risk will affect insurability.

Allows client to assess insurability.

Provides details of available flood protection and mitigation measures.

Client will know whether risks to property can be reduced.

All reports are backed by £10 million professional indemnity insurance.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.



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