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Overseas Bankruptcy Searches

Overseas Bankruptcy Searches

Personal Representatives need to take care when distributing funds to beneficiaries. Especially overseasbeneficiaries who they may not have met.

It is important to verify the identity of any beneficiary and to ensure there are no encumbrances before distributing funds.

This may include identity checks to electronically confirm the person’s identity documents are authentic or an Anti-Money Laundering check to ensure the person is not implicated in handling the proceeds of crime. Our Anti-Money Laundering check is compliant with the latest Money Laundering Directive.

Often it will involve a bankruptcy or insolvency check to ensure you are distributing the correct person, and the funds are not rightfully due to other creditors.

Estatesearch can help arrange a range of identity and bankruptcy checks, with a particular emphasis on overseas beneficiaries.


UK Bankruptcy & AML Check £5 + VAT        Overseas Bankruptcy Check:

Australia £75 + VAT

Canada £74 + VAT France £145 + VAT

New Zealand £75 + VAT

Republic of Ireland £50 + VAT

Spain £75 + VAT

United States £75 + VAT

All other countries £POA

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