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Argyll SiteSolutions Commercial

Argyll SiteSolutions Commercial

The SiteSolutions Commercial report from Argyll is one of the most advanced contaminated land-risk screening report for any type of commercial property, designed for high-value transfers, redevelopment deals and heavy industrial or high-value property.

The report delivers intelligent risk assessment and commentary from an experienced IEMA-accredited consultant and includes any follow-up queries. An additional considerations section will outline other pertinent factors, and the report will include a robust ECORISK Assessment of all ecological receptors listed in the Statutory Guidance.

Key Features

Why this matters

Identifies historic contaminated land and outlines if historic activities could result in liability for the property owner.

Allows buyer to make informed decision.

Reveals if remediation is likely to be required.

Allows buyer to make informed decision.

Outlines any environmental permits held by the property or by neighbouring properties.

Gives buyer full information on environmental issues.

Details if current operations in surrounding area could cause contamination or if ecological receptors could be affected by site operations.

Clear indication whether the property may be affected by any contamination.

£10 million professional indemnity insurance on any one claim.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.

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