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Regulated Local Authority Search

Regulated Local Authority Search

A local authority search, which will examine all of the local authority’s records pertaining to the subject land or property, is an important and often compulsory element of conveyancing.

Searches UK offers a Regulated or Personal Local Authority Search as an alternative to the Council (Official) Local Authority Search.

The main difference between the searches is that the Official Search is carried out by council officials and issued by the relevant department within the council, while the Regulated Search is carried out by a search agent such as Searches UK. The Regulated Local Authority Search also includes a professional indemnity insurance.

The Regulated Search will include all planning, building control and highways department data relating to the land or property, but it does not reveal planning applications relating to neighbouring or nearby land or property.

The search is delivered in three parts: CON29 enquiries, the LLC1 and, if required, the CON29 Part 2 enquiries, which are optional.

Searches UK offers nationwide coverage of all councils within England and Wales to deliver Regulated Local Authority Searches

Key Features

Why this matters

Includes local land charges (general finance, specific financial, planning, miscellaneous, fenland way maintenance, land compensation, new towns, civil aviation and opencast coal).

Provides the buyer with complete information on local land charges.

Reveals listed building and conservation areas.

Informs client of any potential obstacles.

Includes information on planning designations and proposals, including new roads; building developments nearby; highways schemes; road maintenance; public rights of way.

Gives client full information on all relevant planning and road developments nearby.

Identifies contaminated land and radon affected areas.

Gives client full information on any potential hazards.


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