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Completion Monitor

Completion Monitor

COMPLETIONmonitor is an intelligent, interactive pre- and post-completion checklist for conveyancers. Developed by Lexsure, leaders in risk and compliance management solutions, COMPLETIONmonitor eliminates the risk of non-registration and non-compliance and is supported by brokers, insurers and lenders as a key compliance tool. 

The software automatically sends alerts when cases are in need of closer attention, ensuring that lawyers are aware of the key risk areas within their caseload. 


Risk Management Rebate Scheme

The Risk Management Rebate Scheme now financially rewards firms that demonstrate risk mitigation by using COMPLETIONmonitor through Searches UK.

This highly innovative online checklist technology for conveyancers, not only helps eliminate risk and highlights potential legal issues but now you can claim up to £12,500 in rebates

The rebate results in a credit for every case that is completed and closed through the software.  This credit (limited to £12,500+VAT) can then be redeemed on the following year’s PII premium, irrespective of the broker/insurer. 


Key Features Why this matters
Comprehensive Reports  Get comprehensive reports on all post-completion activity. Reports assist firms with both internal Management Information (MI) and external compliance regulations. 
Email Alerts Receive real-time email alerts on high-risk issues requiring special attention. 
Staff Oversight Ensure that work conducted by junior or unqualified lawyers is cross-checked and issues escalated in real time to senior team members, allowing the firm to quickly and proactively resolve issues and prevent future claims from arising. 
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