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electronic Report On Title

Searches UK has announced that they have integrated with Lexsure’s Report on Title platform, e-ROT, enabling conveyancing teams to forgo manually setting up cases on the reporting software. Instead, as a firm orders their search bundle the case will automatically be created pre-populated with data via Searches UK.  
With the Searches UK’s reporting integration, firms avoid any duplication of data, saving valuable time.


Key Features Why this matters

Time Saving

The ROT is the most time consuming and important document in the conveyancing process. Using Lexsure’s e-ROT system dramatically reduces time spent drafting reports to as little as 12 or 20 minutes (depending on tenure).

Better Reports

Inbuilt latest precedents, lender requirements and changes in legislation ensure new areas of risk or emerging areas of concern are covered. Also improves the quality and consistency of Reports across all fee earners.

Knowledge Sharing

With many legal experts making suggestions every month there is a library of many optional paragraphs, sections and report types for lawyers to pick from. Firms benefit from being able to improve their own precedent from a deep pool of knowledge.

Mini Reports

Best practice now dictates that lawyers should report to the client as the paperwork comes in.  E-ROT enables you to efficiently generate provisional reports on a piecemeal basis.
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