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Argyll FloodSolutions Consult

Argyll FloodSolutions Consult

Argyll Environmental is a specialist risk management consultancy that provides environmental due diligence and risk assessment services for land and property.

Its reports have been designed in conjunction with leading law firms to ensure they are clear and simple to understand while providing the essential data, along with information and advice. The FloodSolutions Consult Report is a manually assessed report commissioned when a standard flood-risk analysis returns a further action result.

This secondary report delivers clear guidance on a site-specific summary of flood risks, likely flood depths and the overall impact of flooding, concluding with specific steps to mitigate the impact of a flood event.

Key Features

Why this matters

Full manually assessed, site-specific flood report.

Offers accurate assessment of flood risk and recommendations for flood resistance or resilience measures.

Offers specific breakdown and analysis of identified flood risk types.

Both buyer and lender have most relevant information on effect a flood event may have.

Provides an insurance statement.

Informs purchaser whether property would be eligible for standard home insurance.

£10 million professional indemnity insurance on any one claim.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.

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