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Groundsure Avista

Groundsure Avista Search

Groundsure is a leading UK authority on environmental risks, including land contamination, flooding and ground stability. Its reports deliver the most up-to-date data through partnerships with leading data, mapping and technology providers such as the Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, the British Geological Survey and JBA.

The Groundsure Avista search is the most comprehensive environmental search report available involving seven key searches. Each search analyses more than 106 million data points, including data on contaminated land, all four major flood risks, ground stability, current and planned energy features and transportation, plus 10 years of planning data.

Using Land Registry polygons, the environmental datasets are filtered to return only the most relevant results. The Avista report is designed with conveyancers in mind, its easy-to-follow next-step strategies helping to prioritise work at a glance.

Key Features

Why this matters

P1 contains the key returns on the searches and any action required.

Allows solicitor and lender to access the essential information instantly.

Contains 7 key searches: full mining search incorporating (where applicable) a CON29M, contaminated land, ground stability, flood risk, radon, energy, transportation, non coal mining (covering tin, chalk, limestone and all other minerals), a Cheshire Salt Search and planning.

Delivers the comprehensive report on the property and all potential risks.

Includes ground stability information, including information on planned oil and gas exploration, wind and solar and energy infrastructure.

Delivers crucial detail on subsidence risks and whether the property is an area earmarked for energy exploration.

Identifies where flood risk insurance may be required and lending security an issue.

Arms buyer with essential information for insurance and mortgage lenders.

Analyses JBA surface water, fluvial and coastal flooding datasets.

Clients receive the most up-to-date information on potential flood risk.

Transportation summary, including HS2, Crossrail 1 and railways.

Identifies where a property could be affected by major transport infrastructure projects.

£10 million PI insurance on any one claim.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.

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