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Argyll Environmental is a specialist risk management consultancy that provides environmental due diligence and risk assessment services for land and property.

Its market-leading reports have been designed in conjunction with leading law firms to ensure they are clear and simple to understand while providing the essential data, along with information and advice.


The Sitesolutions Energy & Infrastructure report from Argyll environmental is an accurate search that provides details energy and infrastructure projects across the UK.

Designed to complement existing planning reports, the Energy & Infrastructure report will help your client understand any potential effects of key energy and infrastructure projects on the property they intend to buy while outlining the next steps to take to understand the risks.

Key Features

Why this matters

Examines HS2 data, including track and station details, safeguarding and compensation scheme zones.

Provides essential information on the HS2 project to allow a buyer to make an informed decision.

Looks are areas licensed by DECC for on-shore energy exploration and production, including fracking.

Delivers crucial detail on any areas that could be earmarked for future energy exploration and exploitation.

Examines Crossrail, including track and station location (phase 1) and safeguarding.

Provides essential information to allow a buyer to make an informed decision.

Identifies the location of wind farms and wind turbines, solar farms and other renewable power plants.

Clear indication whether the property is near any operational, proposed or planned solar farms, wind farms and wind turbines.

£10 million professional indemnity insurance on any one claim.

All professional parties involved in the property transaction are covered by the indemnity insurance.

Turnaround of 2 working days.

Fast response benefits clients.

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