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Search Results Will Show Who Has Rights To The Land

Commons Registration Searches are searches designed to establish whether the land which is being purchased is registered as common land in accordance with the Commons Registration Act 1965.

If the property is in a rural area or if access is gained to it over open land then it may be wise to carry out this search. If land is common then certain members of the local community (though not everyone as is the common misconception) have a right to access it on foot and to use it for purposes such as village fetes, grazing etcetera, however this does not mean that it can be used for vehicular access.

Commons Registration reports, sometimes referred to as Common Land Searches, are essential to carry out on properties in rural areas or if access to the property is via open land. These reports identify who the land is registered to, if it is subject to rights of common and if it is registered under the Land Registrations Act.

Commons Registration Search


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