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Residential Environmental Searches

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Residential Environmental Searches

At Searches UK, we offer a full range of Residential Environmental Searches as part of our property search packages, which we provide to solicitors and conveyancing firms across England and Wales.

We get our Residential Environmental Searches from leading environmental specialists including Groundsure, Landmark (which also includes Argyll and SiteSolutions), and Future Climate Info.

These reports will find out if a property has been built on land that was previously used for industrial or manufacturing purposes, as well as ensuring that there are no traces of heavy metals, toxic waste or radon gas left in the immediate area which may negatively affect the buyer’s quality of life.

Our Residential Environmental Searches have been tailored to the needs of various types of properties and can be processed for clients anywhere across England and Wales. When choosing which Residential Environmental Search is best suited to the property you are ordering for, Searches UK are on hand to help.

The Searches UK team is dedicated to providing great customer service and is known for their positive and customer-focussed approach to processing conveyancing searches. We believe that conveyancing searches are a crucial part of buying property, and so we endeavour to make the process as smooth as possible for both you and your client.

We have included further information about our environmental searches in the product cards and samples searches below for:
  • Groundsure Homebuyers
  • Groundsure Homescreen
  • Groundsure Estate
  • Landmark Envirosearch
  • Landmark Homecheck Environmental Search
  • Landmark RiskView Residential
  • Future Climate Info Essential Report
  • Future Climate Info Standard Report
  • Future Climate Info Premium Report

Some Residential Environmental Search reports contain a basic flood opinion whilst others include a full flood search. It is up to the client which of these they choose to purchase, though we always recommend a full flood search if the property is located near a body of water.

The Residential Environmental Search will list whether there are any potential risks in the property’s area and in the event that a contamination is discovered, you can decide to go straight to the council yourself, or enlist us to continue with further action to ascertain whether the area is safe enough for your client to live in.

If you require further assistance in selecting the best environmental search products please contact us by calling our freephone number, 0800 043 1815 or email us at and we will be more than happy to help.


 Future Climate Info Searches

The Standard Report


The Premium Report


Additonal Future Climate Info Searches:

The Flood Report

These reports can be prcoessed on other property sizes –

  • <10 hectares
  • <0.25 hectares
  • >0.25 hectares
  • <30 hectares


 Groundsure Searches

 Landmark Searches

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