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Residential And Commercial Highways Searches

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A Simple Search To Avoid Delays To The Transaction

When purchasing land or property our Highway Searches is essential in order to assess any current or future pending developments that may affect your client’s investment.

A highway search may be performed when you are buying or selling, to identify the adopted highway boundary (public/private extent) and road proposals which may affect the value of the property positively or negatively. For information relating to a particular property or a piece of land, we operate a fast and efficient search service. Our team at Searches UK is trained to interpret highway and public transport records. We are in close contact with those responsible for instigating proposals to the highway network and public transport network, to ensure you receive the most up to date information available.

Our Highway Searches report provides information relating to the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, road improvement schemes and orders, forthcoming roadworks as well as the identification of rights of way and potential proposed amendments surrounding a commercial site.

Highway Searches could also reveal who is responsible for the upkeep of a road, as well as answering any specific inquiries about the extent of the highway, such as width, boundary to boundary, traffic flow information etcetera. Need more information? Kindly submit your query and/ or see the following Highway Searches example below:

Groundsure Highways Search

SiteSolutions Highways Search (Landmark)
Highways Search

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