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Residential And Commercial Drainage And Water Searches

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Water and Drainage Searches

Searches UK offers comprehensive Water and Drainage Searches (CON29DW and Regulated) for both residential and commercial properties.

A Water and Drainage Search is a necessary part of the compulsory conveyancing searches that a mortgage lender will require in order to ensure that the property being purchased is safe from any flooding, leaking or damp caused by public waterways and drains.

There are two types of Water and Drainage Search: A Residential Water and Drainage Search, or a Commercial Water and Drainage Search. Searches UK provides both as part of its standard conveyancing searches package.

Water and Drainage Search (CON29DW)

CON29DW Water and Drainage Searches include the following:

Confirmation of:
  • Whether or not the property is connected to a public water supply
  • How the property is currently charged for the water and wastewater services – (metered or not)
  • Whether the property is connected to a public sewer
  • Whether the property is affected by, or is close to, water mains or public sewers
  • Distance and location of the nearest wastewater treatment works
  • Whether the current occupier has consent to discharge trade effluent (commercial only)
  • Confirmation of easements affecting the site (commercial only)

Water and Drainage Search (Regulated)

Regulated Water and Drainage Searches are also available from Searches UK and contain a lot of the information which is available in a CON29DW Drainage and Water Search, however it does not include:

  • Current basis for sewerage and water charges
  • Surface Water drainage charges
  • Water Meter Location

If you would like to see a comparison sheet for an CON29DW Water and Drainage Search and a Regulated Water and Drainage Search, please click on the PDF icon or review the table below.

Official Drainage & Water Search
Regulated Drainage & Water Search
 Official Drainage & Water SearchesPersonal Drainage & Water Searches
Who carries out this search?The Water Authority TeamLocal, Specialist Conveyancing Search Agents
What information is included in this report?Water supply, the status of sewer connections and billing arrangementsWater supply, the status of sewer connections, billing arragements and surface & foul water supply
Which councils are covered?All councils in England & Wales
How is the home buyer protected?Fully guaranteed by the issuing Water Authority£2 million Information Accuracy plus £2 million PI cover as standard, however a higher level of cover can be issued on request
Which report is cheaper?Prices vary at each Water AuthorityA fixed fee is applied across all councils - this report can be more cost effective
Who provides order status updates?The Water Authority provides updatesMore updates can be given by the Search Agent
Who audits the report?The Water Authority will need to be contacted directly regarding quality checks as this is carried out at each councilEach quarter 10% of all search reports undergo a quality check at Searches UK

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