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What is the difference between your coal mining searches?

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The information obtained through a private and official coal mining search will be the same, the main difference is that a private coal mining search is carried out by an agent of Searches UK and is cheaper than an official coal mining search which is carried out by The Coal Mining Authority.

Searches UK also provide Terrafirma Mine Searches’ range of innovative and unique reports which accurately and comprehensively identify and assess the risk to your client’s property or land from past, present and planned mining and mineral extraction across England and Wales. Their reports investigate up to 35 different minerals extracted across the country including coal, chalk, limestone, clay and more. Recent incidents relating to sink holes and subsidence also highlight that coal and tin mining were not the only types of mining carried out across the country and mining risks are not exclusive to the Midlands or South West which is a common misconception. These reports help to highlight these risks and depending on the level of search that is ordered can provide remediation advice about what to do next if a risk is identified.

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