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How long do property searches take?

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Property searches from Groundsure, Landmark, Terrafirma Mine Searches and Future Climate Info will have a standard turnaround time in most instances depending on the type of search that’s ordered. The turnaround times for local authority searches will vary quite significantly depending on the council and how quickly they or our search agents are able to obtain and return the information.

Our team will be able to give you an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your search orders, will provide updates and chase your searches for you if necessary. This can be done over the phone or via email: Quoted turnaround times will be put in place once we’ve received a confirmed order from you, although queries such as billing account numbers and locations may delay the search results.

Turnaround times can be found below for some of our property searches, however if you cannot find the information you need please contact us directly.

SearchTurnaround Time
Groundsure Capital Allowances1 working day
Groundsure Commercial Energy 1 working day
Groundsure Residential Energy 1 working day
Groundsure HS2 & Energy 1 working day
Groundsure Estate1 working day
Groundsure Floodview1 working day
Groundsure Ground Stability1 working day
Groundsure Highways5 working days
Groundsure Residential HS2 & Crossrail 1 working day
Groundsure Commercial HS2 & Crossrail 1 working day
Groundsure Japanese Knotweed2 working days
Groundsure Planning1 working day
Groundsure Planview1 working day
Groundsure Commercial Review2 working days
Groundsure Screening1 working day
Groundsure Siteguard1 working day
Groundsure Street Talking1 working day
Groundsure Residential London Underground1 working day
Groundsure Commercial London Underground1 working day
Landmark Homecheck1 working day
Landmark Envirosearch1 working day
Landmark SiteSolutions Residential1 working day
Landmark SiteSolutions Combined2 working days
Landmark Homecheck Flood1 working day
Landmark Sitecheck Assess2 working days
Landmark Sitecheck Combined2 working days
Lawyer Checker Search4 working hours
Terrafirma Certificate of Mining Risk1 working day
Terrafirma Mineral Extraction Search Report5 working days
Terrafirma Interpretative Mine Search 10 working days

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