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Anti-Money Laundering ID Checks

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We Interrogate A Multitude Of Data Sets

Verify your clients quickly and easily by using the Searches UK AML Electronic ID Check or AML Electronic Identity Verification. Our checks interrogate a multitude of electronic data sets for international and domestic members of public.

By far one of the easiest and most practical methods of verifying your client’s ID is to conduct an electronic verification check and by ordering this through Searches UK, you can check your client’s identity and address are correct, and that the person you are dealing with is the person who they say they are. Our AML ID reports implement a traffic light system to go alongside the score or index value, to help identify the degree of confidence, and also to provide some guidance as to what other steps could be taken to ensure the client you are dealing with is who they say they are before you act for them.

The traffic light system works in addition to giving you a “pass” or “fail” with regards to ID confirmation. If you have received a positive ID confirmation with a high level of Authentication then the certificate will be returned with a “green” result meaning that photocopy ID documentation you have, together with the AML ID results we provide, will suffice for your AML requirements.

Order them online quickly and easily with the results returned to you on the same day.

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Law Society Regulations

Ensure you are kept up to date about the advice, rules and regulations on Anti-Money Laundering. Please click here to visit The Law Society website for further details.

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