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Council (Official) Local Authority Search
Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search


Official (Council) Drainage & Water Search


Regulated (Personal) Drainage & Water Search


Landmark Financial Assets Search
AML ID Check Search


Lawyer Checker Search





Chancel Check Search


Chancel Check  Premium Search


Commons Registration Search



Official Highways Search


Residential & Commercial Groundsure Searches

Agriculture (Commercial) Search
Energy, HS2 & Crossrail (Residential & Commercial) Search


 Estate (Residential) Search
Flood (Residential) Search
Floodview (Commercial) Search


Ground Stability (Residential & Commercial) Search


HS2 & Crossrail (Residential & Commercial) Search


Homebuyers (Residential) Search
Homescreen (Residential) Search
Japanese Knotweed (Commercial) Search
London Underground (Residential & Commercial) Search


Planning (Residential) Search


Planview (Commercial) Search


Review (Commercial) Search
Screening (Commercial)Search


Street Talking (Residential & Commercial) Search


Residential & Commercial Landmark Searches


Energy & Infrastructure (Residential & Commercial) Search


Envirosearch (Residential) Search
Highways (Residential & Commercial) Search


Homecheck Ground Stability (Residential) Search


Homecheck Professional Environmental (Residential) Search


Homecheck Flood (Residential) Search


Plansearch Plus (Residential) Search


Radon Risk Rating (Residential & Commercial) Search
Sitecheck Assess (Commercial) Search
Sitecheck Combined (Commercial) Search



Sitecheck Flood (Commercial) Search



Sitecheck Planning (Commercial) Search



Site Solutions Combined (Commercial) Search
Subsidence Risk Ratings (Commercial) Search


Preliminary Bomb (Residential & Commercial) Search


Detailed Bomb (Residential & Commercial) Search


RiskView Residential Search

Residential & Commercial Future Climate Info Searches

The Essential (Residential) Report



The Standard (Residential) Report



The Premium (Residential) Report



Additonal Future Climate Info Searches:

These reports can be prcoessed on other property sizes –

  • <10 hectares
  • <0.25 hectares
  • >0.25 hectares
  • <30 hectares


The Flood (Residential) Report




The Flood (Commercial) Report




The Standard (Commercial) Report




The Premium (Commercial) Report




Residential & Commercial DevAssist Searches

DevCheck (Residential & Commercial) Search




DevAssess (Residential & Commercial) Search



DevAquire (Residential & Commericla) Search



 Residential & Commercial Terrafirma Searches


TerraSearch Assure
TerraSearch Assess
TerraSearch Interpret
TerraSearch Coal
TerraSearch Coal Extra

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