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Searches UK provide a variety of searches which are carried out by the Land Registry. The Land Registry was created in 1862 and is currently located in Croydon in south east London. The Land Registry currently holds records of over twenty-four million titles or evidence of property ownership in England and Wales.

Land Registry searches are the main source of information relating to home and land ownership, mortgages, charges, easements, restrictive covenants, property boundaries, rights of way, current and past ownerships and house prices. Here at Searches UK we are able to provide these searches in an easy to understand format and delivered to you in a professional manner.

Search the Land Registry for:

1. Official Title Plan

2. Official Title Register

3. Official Lease Copy

4. Deed of Variation

5. Bankruptcy

6. Land Charges

7. Search of the Index Map

8. OS1/OC2

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Example of Official Title Plan:

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