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What is the difference between Homescreen and Homebuyers search?

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The main difference between these reports from Groundsure is that a Homebuyers report includes a full flood search, whilst the Homescreen search will only provide a flood risk assessment. As such, a Groundsure Homebuyer’s report is a little more expensive than a Groundsure Homescreen search, simply because much more information is included.

A flood risk assessment will identify if there is a risk to the property, but a full flood search will provide further details about the type of flooding that the property may be susceptible to, historical flooding events, details about flood defences and flood storage areas. Previous insurance claims relating to flooding will also be included in some of our reports as well as how likely it is for the property to obtain insurance at standard terms through a simple insurability rating. If a risk is identified it may be difficult to insure the property against flooding.

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