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How much do property searches cost?

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At Searches UK we provide competitive prices to our clients and put affordable packs and bundles together based on the needs of our clients. The cost of searches can vary dramatically depending on the type of search that is required; a Lawyer Checker search, which reviews the previous use of client accounts, will be significantly cheaper than a Groundsure Agriculture report which is a commercial search designed specifically to review the environmental risks to agricultural or farm lands.

Commercial search reports tend to be more expensive than residential property searches due to the complexity and irregular nature of commercial property or land.

We would always recommend speaking directly to one of our experienced and helpful team by calling 0800 043 1815 who are able to give you exact prices for the searches you require as well as provide useful advice about which searches are needed depending on where the property is located. All prices quoted by our team are excluding VAT so this cost will need to be factored in by you.

Other things to consider:
  • What is included in the search? A search which reveals the risks relating to contaminated land, flooding, ground subsidence and radon may be more cost effective than ordering these searches individually
  • In some instances when searches are ordered as part of a pack or bundle we may be able to offer a discount on your orders if these are ordered regularly from us – please call us to discuss this option in more detail
  • Complementary services from Searches UK include risk and compliance advice, a mini compliance check, a mobile app, conveyancing magazine, CPD webinars and seminars and apportionment calculator


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