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Commercial Conveyancing Searches

Local Authority Searches
Regulated (Personal) Local Authority SearchCouncil (Official) Local Authority Search
Con29O – Part 2 Questions
Q4. Road Proposals by Private BodiesQ5. Public Paths or BywaysQ6. AdvertisementsQ7. Completion NoticesQ8. Park and CountrysideQ9. PipelinesQ10. Houses In Multiple OccupationQ11. Noise AbatementQ12. Urban Development AreasQ13. Enterprise ZonesQ14. Inner Urban ImprovementsQ15. Simplified Planning ZonesQ16. Land Maintenance NoticesQ17. Mineral Consultation AreasQ18. Hazardous Substance ConsultationQ19. Environment and Pollution NoticesQ20. Food Safety NoticesQ21. Hedgerow NoticesQ22. Common Registration
Drainage & Water Searches
Commercial Official Drainage & Water Search (CON29DW)
Groundsure Searches
Groundsure Ground StabilityGroundsure AgriculturalGroundsure Energy ReportGroundsure Floodview (up to 15 Hectares)Groundsure Planview (up to 15 Hectares)Groundsure Review (up to 5 Hectares)Groundsure Japanese Knotweed < 5haGroundsure HS2 & EnergyGroundsure HS2Groundsure Street TalkingGroundsure Screening (up to 15 Hectares)Groundsure Screening 15-50 HectaresGroundsure Screening 50-100 HectaresGroundsure Underground (Commercial >15 Hectares)
Landmark Searches
Energy & InfrastructureHomecheck Ground StabilitySubsidence Risk RatingSitecheck Flood (price upto 2 Hectares)Sitecheck Flood (2-5 Hectares)Sitecheck Flood (5-10 Hectares)Sitecheck Assess (price upto 2 Hectares)Sitecheck Assess (price 2 - 5 Hectares)Sitecheck Assess (price 5 - 10 Hectares)Sitecheck Planning (price upto 2 Hectares)Utilities Report Standard Service (20wd)Utilities Report Premium Service (10wd)Utilities Report Express Service (5wd)Sitecheck Combined (0-15 Hectares)Bomb Search Preliminary Risk AssessmentBomb Search Detailed Risk AssessmentFinancial Assets SearchSiteSolutions Highways
Future Climate Info Searches
Future Climate Info Standard Report (up to 0.25 ha)Future Climate Info Standard Report (over 0.25 ha)Future Climate Info Premium Report (up to 0.25 ha)Future Climate Info Premium Report (over 0.25 ha)Future Climate Info Flood Report (up to 0.25 Hectares)Future Climate Info Flood Report (over 0.25 Hectares)
DevAssist Searches
Mining Searches
Personal Mine Entry AssessmentOfficial Mine Entry AssessmentPersonal Coal Mining & Brine SubstanceOfficial Coal Report (upto 25 Hectares)China or Ball Clay Mining SearchCornwall Mining (Metal)West Midlands LimestoneBritish Gypsum SearchBath Stone Search
Insurance Products
Chancel Liability Insurance (up to £500k)Chancel Liability Insurance (£500k to £1m)
Transport Searches
CrossRailPort of London Authority SearchLondon Underground SearchTyne & Wear Metro SearchDLR Search
Utilities Searches
BT Wayleaves SearchGas & Pipeline SearchVirgin Media Search (Up to 1KM)BT SearchElectricity Company SearchCable & Wireless
Highways Searches
Highway Report
Land Registry Searches
Official Title PlanOfficial Title RegisterOfficial Lease CopyDeed of VariationOC2 (other documents)Bankruptcy SearchSearch of the Index Map (SIM)OS1
Additional Searches
Radon Risk ReportChancel Check PremiumPublic Paths or Byways & Common RegistrationCommon Registration (Standalone)Riverside Search
Due Diligence Searches
Company Conveyancing Search (AVR)International AML CheckAuthenticate PlusTitle CheckerLawyer Checker Account & Entity ScreenLiquidation & Receivership Search
Company Searches
Company Mortgage SearchMemorandum & articles of associationCompany Search PlusCurrent Appointments ReportDirectors ReportFull Company Search (Domestic Only)Status ReportThe Company Record ReportPending Insolvency


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