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Planning Searches

At Searches UK, we offer comprehensive Planning Searches to ensure that your client’s property isn’t situated near any planned works or buildings.

What’s the difference between a Local Authority Search and a Planning Search?

We want your clients to be able to enjoy their new property as it is, and a Local Authority Search will ensure this for the property itself, but not any planned works in the area.

Clients are bound to be upset if, for example, a couple of years after they’ve bought the property, a supermarket is built on the spare land behind their garden, blocking their view.

While a Local Authority Search will show only the planned works that have been built, or are due to be built, on the property. It does not give any information on the area surrounding your client’s new home.

So, what does a Planning Search show?

Our Planning Searches will show all the planned works due to be built in a 250-metre radius. This allows your clients to make a more informed decision about the property they are buying. The last thing they want is a large extension being built right next to their home without their knowledge.

If you are looking for further planning information on an area where a property is located, rather than just the land that the specific property is based on, then Planning Searches will provide the information you need.

How can a Planning Search help?

Knowledge and understanding of local planning information is fundamental when purchasing a property. New development and construction projects in the immediate and wider vicinity of a property can, at one extreme, result in annoyance and frustration for a new property owner and ultimately, at the other extreme, have a negative effect on the value of the property being purchased.

Searches UK are able to offer a choice of Planning Searches which include:

  • Groundsure Planning
  • Groundsure Street Talking
  • Landmark Plan Search Plus
  • DevCheck
  • DevAssess
  • DevAcquire

DevAssist Reports are enhanced Planning Searches, DevAssess, for example, is a unique report that includes existing planning information and identifies future potential risks which may affect the property.



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DevProbate Search
DevCity Search



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Landmark Searches


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