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Chancel Searches

Fast Chancel Searches to highlight Chancel Repair Liability

Our thorough Chancel Searches will ensure that your clients are fully aware of any chancel repair liabilities.

Chancel repair liability is a thorny subject, especially when it becomes clear that there is a responsibility on a property owner to cover the chancel repair (steeple) costs of a nearby parish church. Due to the Medieval nature of the chancel repair liability clause, these liabilities are not always recorded within property deeds, so it is wise to obtain Chancel Searches for all properties which may be located within affected areas.

The Land Registration Act 2002 has increased the visibility of chancel repair issues and the church is now searching parish records to find cases where there are chancel repair obligations in order that they may register and make future claims. The purchase of chancel repair insurance or Chancel Searches has never before been such a serious consideration for prospective buyers who are purchasing a property within a parish chancel repair location.

What are Chancel Searches and Chancel Liability Indemnity Insurance?

Searches UK supply two levels of Chancel Searches. Both of these Chancel Searches identify potential chancel repair liabilities for property owners:

Basic Chancel Searches

These Chancel Searches identify whether the property is within a parish where a potential chancel repair liability exists. However, this does not necessarily mean that the premises are affected by a Chancel Liability. It is worth noting that Searches UK also sells Chancel Liability Insurance to cover against the risk if this is then required.

Full Chancel Searches

These Chancel Searches are slightly more specific to the premises, but the results of Full Chancel Searches are still not definitive. If liabilities are identified via Full Chancel Searches then Chancel Liability Indemnity Insurance cannot be obtained.

For details of Chancel Searches product information please see our product card below.

Unlike other Conveyancing Searches providers, Searches UK is flexible in its approach to doing business with you and your firm. We take the time to understand your Conveyancing Searches needs, price points and turnaround times and then supply you with a platinum Conveyancing Searches service that meets your demands.

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Chancel Check Product Card

Chancel Check Product Card

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